Wheelie bins

We can offer a full range of small, medium and large capacity wheelie bins to meet your businesses needs.

Small capacity bins*

120 litre

Height: 0.92 metres
Length: 0.48 metres
Width: 0.55 metres

240 litre

Height: 1.08 metres
Length: 0.58 metres
Width: 0.73 metres

Medium capacity bins*

360 litre

Height: 1.10 metres
Length: 0.62 metres
Width: 0.86 metres

660 litre

Height: 1.17 metres
Length: 1.36 metres
Width: 0.77 metres

Large capacity bins*

1100 litre

Height: 1.47 metres
Length: 1.37 metres
Width: 1.07 metres

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*subject to weight limits


We provide a range of sacks, internal bins and containers for businesses