We offer a cost effective, reliable glass collection and recycling service

We are one of the UK's leading recyclers of container and specialist glass and can provide cost effective, reliable glass collection services

Whatever the size of your business, we can offer small and medium capacity bins or can provide bulk collection services to recycle your glass.

Contact your local depot or get a quote to find out how we can provide a service tailored to your requirements. 

Glass reprocessing facilities

With advanced glass recycling technology in Scotland and Sheffield, we can ensure that more than 99% of incoming material is recycled.  As one of the UK’s leading recycling companies we have the capability to manage all aspects of glass recycling - from collection to reprocessing at our depots and treatment facilities across the UK.

Having our own glass recycling facilities means our customers are less exposed to volatile export markets and can feel confident that all of their glass is recycled.

Whether it is collecting glass bottles from a national restaurant chain or from a local pub, we will provide a recycling solution based on your business needs. 

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