Choose one of the materials below for more information on how we can manage your recycling.

  • Cardboard

    We can collect and recycle 100% of the cardboard your business produces

  • Electrical (WEEE)

    We operate our own electrical recycling facilities meaning you know exactly where your material ends up

  • Foods and organics

    Waste food and organics can be transformed into a fantastic compost product

  • Glass

    We offer a cost effective, reliable glass collection and recycling service

  • Metal

    We are an experienced commodities trader and will get best value for your metals

  • Mixed recycling

    Our materials recycling facilities can separate mixed recyclables to save you space, time and hassle

  • Paper

    Working in partnership with paper mills, we have a proven track record in paper recycling

  • Plastic

    We are one of the leading plastic recyclers in the country

  • Textiles

    We will make sure that textiles are recycled responsibly